VAST Data Platform for Public Sector

Data Infrastructure Engineered For Public Sector

VAST Federal, a wholly owned subsidiary of VAST Data with independent management, specializes in helping the federal government modernize its data center infrastructure with a unified all-flash platform called the VAST Data Platform. This platform is designed to support real-time analytic models and AI computing, leveraging VAST Federal's comprehensive understanding of US government contracts, security requirements, and architectural needs.

VAST Federal is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of its software supply chain. The subsidiary adheres to the presidential mandate requirements for software, which includes generating and providing a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for each product. This SBOM provides a detailed, machine-readable list of components that make up the software, enabling the identification of potential vulnerabilities and ensuring the security of the software supply chain. VAST Federal also implements rigorous secure software development practices, including secure coding, testing, and deployment processes, to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with federal regulations.

By prioritizing software supply chain security, VAST Federal helps protect the federal government's critical infrastructure and data from cyber threats. The company's commitment to security and compliance is reflected in its collaboration with Mercury Systems to build ruggedized, high-performance storage solutions for edge-based data capture and AI computing. This collaboration strengthens VAST Federal's commitment to placing software at the heart of modern data infrastructure, enabling actionable insights from multiple field locations that can be sent back to Centralized Command and Control for enhanced situational awareness and decision-making.